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Mariano is the owner of several farms. He’d like to boost his business despite he never knows how much cattle feed is left in the silo. The cost control is essential on the farms; in short, he needs to be aware of the animal feed consumption and the stock available without having to spend the whole day in the farms. He wants to improve and he calls CTIcontrol. He is shown an innovating system, the Silows solution, that constantly checks how much cattle feed is left in the silo. He even has alarms to see how much the animals are eating, going off in case the silo reaches its minimum capacity. The system is very easy to install and it’s connected with the cloud, making it available in all devices, everywhere. You will have a history and statistics of feed consumption sorted by groups, breeding or types of cattle feed... customized by yourself. You can even create user profiles with access to some data; your supplier would be able to log in and anticipate the production or improve the deliveries working out new, less expensive or more efficient routes. When loading the silos, the exit is blocked to precisely control how much feed goes into the silo. Don’t hesitate and jump into the 21st Century with Silows by CTI Control.

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